MatrixHub is a comprehensive Telehealth solution utilizing the latest technology to bring patients and caregivers
together in an effort to improve patient care. The MatrixHub’s simple design coupled with easy to use BlueTooth peripherals
allows patients to instantly send Vitals readings to their caregivers for immediate assessment and peace of mind.
Designed for Patients
The MatrixHub’s simple design and easy to read graphics make it a perfect patient platform. Patients have the option of using Bluetooth Periperhals to measure and instantly send Vitals readings via the MatrixHub to caregivers. Patients may also choose to manually enter Vitals readings into the MatrixHub for caregiver review. Other MatrixHub features include patient reminders, surveys and an instant chat capability between patient and caregiver.
Designed for Caregivers

The MatrixHub’s backend software platform provides powerful data analytics for caregivers to ensure patients receive the care they need. Simple navigation allows for instant access to all patient data. Specially designed filters allow caregivers to instantly stratify patient risk and make timely decisions. Information can be shared amongst groups, sites and organizations to continually improve patient care.
Powerful data analytics

The MatrixHub uses a simple yet powerful deployment tool allowing caregivers to enroll and disenroll patients to the MatrixHub in literally seconds. Caregivers can immediately select the Vitals Readings to be captured for each patient with the click of a button. Our unique risk stratification tool allows caregivers to set the exact risk zones for each vital reading on a patient by patient basis.
Powerful Reports

The MatrixHub’s Reporting feature allows caregivers to run reports on all patient Vitals categories to ensure the best possible care is being provided. Caregivers can chart trends and changes that could be vital to a patient’s care.
Defining the Future
MatrixHub is helping to define the future of Telehealth and healthcare delivery via its simple design and cutting edge technology. MatrixHub offers both patients and caregivers a platform that puts healthcare at the touch of their fingertips.